Remedies for Solving Uneven Home Heating Issues

Mar 10, 2020 | 0 comments

Does the temperature in your home change from one room to the next? Is it cooler or warmer upstairs than it is downstairs? If it is, don’t fret. You aren’t alone. But you are in the right place. 

A lot of homeowners these days share the common problem of uneven heating and cooling issues. If you are having problems with uneven temperature levels like this, you could have blocked up or closed off air vents, or it might be time to replace your air filter. Your furnace might not be the right size for your home. Or, if your HVAC system is seven years old or older, the system itself could be the culprit. To assist you with this problem, we at Grove City Heating & Air present the following five suggested.

Tips to Solve Uneven Heating and Cooling Problems in Your Columbus, Ohio, Area Home

Change Your Thermostat Setting from “AUTO” to “ON” 

One of the most simple possible approaches to resolving uneven temperature levels in areas of your house is to adjust your thermostat’s fan setting from “AUTO” to “ON.” Setting it to “ON” enhances air circulation throughout the home, even between heating or cooling cycles. Ultimately, it promotes consistent temperatures in all the rooms and floors of your residence. But what if you’ve tried this and it isn’t doing the trick?

Zoning Systems Are Great Investments

For those homeowners who might not already know, upgrading your HVAC system with a zoning system allows you to control the temperature in each of the designated HVAC “zones” in your home. As such, this requires professional assistance and multiple thermostats. So if you’ve been considering a new thermostat, now’s a great time to do some homework on which one’s are the best fit for your home’s new zoning system. Sure, installing a zoning system is an investment. But it’s a wise investment that will undoubtedly resolve your uneven HVAC issues and save you money in the long run. All that said, before investing in a zoning system, there are some other measures we’d advise you to consider first.

Locate and Seal Off Any Leaks in Your Air Ducts

If you have any leakage in your ductwork, it will produce uneven airflow in your house, which is another cause of uneven heating and cooling issues. We strongly suggest locating any leaks and properly sealing them off to ensure your HVAC system and home don’t fall victim. What do we mean by “victim?” Simple. Leaking ductwork forces your HVAC system to have to strain up to ten times harder than normal, which creates all sorts of HVAC problems. Amongst these issues, you will undoubtedly struggle with surging energy costs. When you suspect you have a leak in your ducts, or if you want help finding out, please call Grove City Heating & Air.  One of our certified HVAC technicians would be happy to come out and check your ductwork. You can also reach us online to make an appointment now, or whenever you’re ready. In addition to finding leaks, we can also determine if it’s another issue, like if your ductwork is too small or improperly installed, which are other major causes of uneven HVAC problems.

Check Your Insulation Levels

Insulation levels play a huge role in maintaining an even temperature level throughout your residence. When your attic’s insulation levels are insufficient, the air slips right up and out through the roof, and with it goes your hard-earned money. Another way to illustrate this is to imagine one of your doors wide open in the dead of winter or summer. If an outside door were open, your HVAC system would be striving to keep up with the loss of warm or cool air. And not only would you be wasting money, but you’d also be putting a great deal of unnecessary strain on your HVAC system. It’s the same with low insulation levels in your attic. Therefore, we strongly advise you to check your attic’s insulation levels before the hot or cold weather hits.

Check for Blocked Vents and Dust in Your Ductwork

Dust, dirt or debris blockage within your air ducts can force your HVAC system to labor harder than necessary while at the same time creating an uneven flow of air, which is another reason for uneven heating and cooling issues. We suggest you inspect your ducts seasonally and, if necessary, get them cleaned out. In addition to that, check all your air vents to ensure nothing (like curtains or furniture) is hindering the flow of air. While you’re doing that, make sure they are all open. Closing them off is not a good way to save money because it creates issues. 

Fast, Friendly and Affordable Assistance is a Phone Call Away

Struggling with uneven or irregular levels of temperature in different parts of your home can be trying when you don’t know the ins and outs of how HVAC systems function. If you’d like some help resolving uneven HVAC issues, or if you want to hear more, please give Grove City Heating & Air a call today at 614-490-7540. Also, as mentioned above, you can check us out on the web and set up an appointment now by following this link. As always, thanks for reading!