Common Furnace Myths

Jan 10, 2022

Your Grove City Heating & Air professionals want to help you bring in the new year with a strong start! By this time, you have probably compiled a list of New Year’s goals to work toward in 2022. Maybe you want to improve work on landing that job promotion, practice more self-care, read more books, plan a family vacation, or even start that huge house project you’ve been putting off for a couple of years now. While we know there are many aspects to consider when making New Year’s resolutions; we don’t want you to overlook your furnace! It’s January, so we still have a ways to go through winter, and your friends at Grove City Heating & Air want your furnace to continue to run in Five Start shape! But there are so many furnace-related myths that it can be overwhelming to know what is true versus what is false. Don’t worry! We have you covered! Below are a few of the most common furnace myths our service professionals have come across to help you better understand your furnace.

Myth: If You are Experiencing Cold Feet in Your Home, This Is Normal

You might’ve been told at one time or another that it’s okay to have cold feet in the house. Maybe you were told this is a normal thing to experience. But, unfortunately, this isn’t the case. If you consistently have to compensate for cold floors in your home by always wearing socks or house slippers, this may mean your home isn’t insulated well. First, you can check insulation in your attic and crawl spaces to ensure there is a sufficient amount. Professionals recommend insulation be 10-14 inches thick. At this time, it would also be good to check for drafts under doors and around windows. You may need to add more insulation layers to these spaces, replace the weather stripping around the door and windows, or both.

Myth: If You Want to Heat Your Home Faster, Crank the Thermostat

Have you ever felt a sudden chill in your house, and you had the urge to raise the heat to a higher degree? We hate to break it to you, but cranking up the thermostat to heat the house faster will not work. Furnaces are created to circulate air through the whole house. Raising the heat higher means your furnace will overwork itself to reach that specific temperature. No matter what degree it is set on, that warm air still needs to be distributed evenly in every room at the new temperature.

Myth: If You Close the Vents In Certain Rooms, You Can Save Money

Have you ever heard that closing your vents in the house that are not regularly used helps save energy and money? If this is something you have been told, or perhaps even tried doing yourself, we are sorry to say that it is not valid. We have already discussed how furnaces are designed to circulate air evenly throughout your home, so we know when a vent is closed, it allows air to build up and places strain on your furnace. Therefore, closing vents is counterproductive to the original intention of saving energy and money. Instead, the best thing you can do is keep all your vents and register open and use a programmable thermostat if possible. Programmable thermostats allow you set temperatures for certain times of the day when you know you will be home.

Combing through fact versus fiction can be a daunting task. However, we hope these few tidbits of information have helped lighten the burden of your furnace maintenance. You can call us anytime at Grove City Heating & Air if you encounter any issues with your heating system. We feel ecstatic at the thought of being allowed the privilege to serve you and your family. Stay safe and warm!

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