What Should You Do If Your A/C Goes Out This Summer? 

Aug 16, 2022

Suppose your air conditioning unit suddenly stops working out of nowhere. If this were the case, do you know some basic troubleshooting steps that are safe for every homeowner to try? If you are not familiar with what to do if this happens or perhaps, you’d like to know in case, keep reading!  While preventative maintenance and regular upkeep are vital, it’s important to remember that life still has its surprises. So, when scenarios like this surface, we understand how this can be frustrating. For this reason, Grove City Heating & Air wants to aid you with familiarizing yourself with the steps that are safe to practice if your A/C goes out this summer.  

This Summer, If Your A/C Were To Go Out How Should You Troubleshoot?  

Thermostat batteries are often overlooked, so the first thing you should check if your A/C suddenly stops functioning, it’s a great idea to start here. It’s possible the thermostat’s batteries are low or near empty, so it may not be able to communicate with the air conditioner, therefore causing it to not function. If you’ve checked the batteries and they are good, move on to the next troubleshooting step, which is checking the circuit breaker. You never know whether a circuit breaker has flipped without noticing it. The answer to your A/C woes, may simply lie within flipping the switch back to the “on” position. 

If this doesn’t work, try inspecting the compressor outside. The compressor is usually located on the side of your house or in your backyard. What you are looking for is that there is no structural damage or harm to the unit. During storms and strong winds, it’s possible that things like tree branches, outdoor objects, or even loose debris such as small twigs and leaves may have fallen onto the compressor or perhaps gotten caught in the fan blades. If you find that there is some damage or hear an unusual sound coming from the compressor, it’s time to call a professional HVAC company like Grove City Heating & Air. 

This Summer, If Your A/C Were To Go Out What Should You Avoid Doing? 

The air conditioning system is a complex machine that works to circulate cool air in your home and maintain that level of comfort. Although we know it can be frustrating when your A/C isn’t functioning, we don’t recommend doing anything that can ruin your A/C system. For example, you may consider yourself a handy person, but please keep in mind that unless you’re a licensed HVAC technician, it’s not safe to perform your own repairs or even extensive troubleshooting. DIY repairs can lead to safety hazards. Of course, this can be costly. But the main reason we do not recommend doing a DIY repair is there are many safety concerns that can surface as a result. It is best to employ a professional HVAC technician rather than attempting it yourself.  

So, while you’re waiting for your technician to arrive, it’s normal to try and find cool relief from the heat. Though you may be tempted, don’t open any windows or external doors to your home. It may sound nice to have a cool breeze blow in, but with temperatures recently being as high as they have been, opening these will only make your home get hot faster. In addition, you should avoid using heat-producing appliances like the stove, dishwasher, or dryer as these also contribute to the accumulating heat in your home. Lastly, believe it or not, it’s common to think that opening the kitchen freezer to feel cool air will help provide a bit of relief. We just don’t think it is worth the risk of spoiling your groceries. 

If your air conditioner randomly stops working, knowing what to do ahead of time will help ease your mind so you don’t feel so overwhelmed. But don’t worry, Grove City Heating & Air is here to help you tackle any issues that arise with your A/C system. We’d love to help you in any way we can, and we are happy to say we provide emergency services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. So, if you have a need, please contact us at (614) 490-7540, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here