How Should Homeowners Prepare Their HVAC System for Spring?

Apr 8, 2022

Spring is the perfect time for many homeowners to get all household preparations and organization underway. Unfortunately, we Ohioans know all too well how the weather fluctuates back and forth. We are in that awkward stage of the season where we may be utilizing our furnace one day but need to turn on our air conditioning the next. It’s quite a conundrum! For this reason, it is essential to prepare your residential HVAC system for this season. You want your HVAC system running smoothly and at its highest efficiency. Therefore, Grove City Heating & Air is here to assist you! You can refer to the following list to sufficiently prepare your system for the spring season:

Do the Thermostat’s Batteries Need to be Changed?

Since the thermostat is the component that communicates with your HVAC system, you want to ensure it is always working correctly. When a thermostat doesn’t respond, low batteries are often the culprit. If a thermostat’s batteries are approaching the end of their life, the thermostat should notify you that the battery level is low. However, this can happen while you are not at home, ultimately resulting in you missing that notification and coming home to an overheated, stuffy house. This can all be prevented by thinking ahead and changing the batteries for a fresh set this season.

When Did You Last Change the Air Filter?

The air filter aims to catch dust particles and contaminants while keeping them from circulating in the open air within your home. Unfortunately, when pollen and other allergens are even more prominent in the springtime, air filters can get overloaded faster than usual. Generally, we recommend changing your air filters every 30-60 days. But it would not be a bad idea to check them a little more frequently this season. The last thing you want is your air filter to become clogged, causing your HVAC system to short cycle, thus resulting in lower energy efficiency and higher utility bills.

Is the Drainage Hole Full?

Most air conditioning systems have a drainage hole located at the base of the cooling system. This drainage hole is included to keep condensation away from the unit by redirecting it to the drainage hole. When the air conditioner is not being used in the winter season, the drainage hole might become clogged with dust particles, pet fur, and other contaminants. If this drainage hole is full, it will cause a backup of the condensation leading to an undesirable HVAC mishap.

Are There Holes in Your Ductwork?

If your home has a basement, you may have exposed ductwork in the house. If this is the case, you should quickly inspect any exposed ductwork. If there are holes or tears in any places along the ductwork, it will cause air leaks resulting in the air from your HVAC system not being adequately distributed throughout your home. Should you find any holes or tears in your ductwork, be sure to have them sealed with the appropriate materials or contact one of our professionals at Grove City Heating & Air to assist you.

Have You Cleared the Outdoor Unit Area?

You don’t want to forget about your outdoor unit! This is often overlooked in the spring preparation process due to its outdoor location. If you keep a protective cover on the condenser during the winter, remember to remove it before turning on your cooling system. It is also important to keep this area free of vegetation, weeds, twigs, leaf buildup, loose debris, and other items that may hinder the condenser from functioning properly.

Did You Book Your Spring Maintenance Check?

Did you know that your HVAC system needs its seasonal maintenance check twice a year? For example, your furnace should have its fall maintenance check once a year, and the air conditioner should have its spring maintenance check once a year as well. These seasonal checks are essential because they ensure everything runs properly and safely. Though your system may seem like it is running fine, it is always possible that there could be minor underlying issues that, if left unchecked, can manifest into much more significant problems. In addition, per your manufacturer’s warranty, seasonal maintenance is required to keep the warranty active. So, if you haven’t yet scheduled your spring tune-up and safety check, call us today, and we will get you squared away!

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