Frequent Furnace Questions

Dec 17, 2021

If you are a renter or homeowner, odds are you’ve had to deal with a furnace at least a couple of times. The furnace in your home is designed to keep you cozy during the colder season, and you may have a couple of questions if you happen to run into issues. Below are a few frequently asked questions our HVAC technicians at Grove City Heating & Air receive about furnaces.

Is Yearly Maintenance Necessary for My Home’s Furnace?

A little bit does go a long way, even if it is scheduling yearly maintenance services on your furnace. Having maintenance done on your furnace at least once a year can help detect any possible issues or damages you may not have known were there.

How Can I Maintain My Furnace From Home?

Although there is not much you can do, regularly replacing your air filter is something essential that you can do on your own to maintain your furnace. Air filters need to be replaced at least every three months, but to play it safe, check on your air filters at least once a month.

Will Upgrading My Thermostat Help My Furnace Run Better?

If your thermostat is older or malfunctioning, your furnace may have a hard time keeping you, your family, and your home warm. This can also cause your energy costs to be higher than usual. Our NATE-certified technicians at Grove City Heating & Air can help you pick the thermostat that best fits your furnace and home. 

Do you still have questions about your furnace? 

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