Do Ceiling Fans Save You Any Money On Energy Bills? 

Sep 2, 2022

Have you ever wondered whether or not ceiling fans save you money on your energy bill? If so, then keep reading! That’s exactly what we are here to discuss today! So, join your heating and cooling experts at Grove City Heating & Air as we walk through the ins and outs of ceiling fan use. 

What Is There To Know About Ceiling Fans and How They Work? 

Despite what you may have heard, ceiling fans do not lower the overall room temperature by producing cool air. Ceiling fans merely take the existing air in the room and rotate it around the room, promoting better air circulation in the process. In addition, due to the rotating effect of the fan and the cool breeze it wicks around when coming into contact with the skin, it may feel like the ceiling fan is giving off cool air when in all reality, it is only producing a wind-chilling effect that feels soothing to the skin.  

So, what does that mean regarding ceiling fans, energy consumption, and saving money? Well, it means that if you are not physically in the room when a ceiling fan is running, it won’t be of much use left powered on. In fact, much like leaving the lights on in your house when no one is in the room, leaving your ceiling fans powered on without anyone in the room will only waste energy and can raise your energy bill further. 
Fans do not have a magical effect and reduce the workload of your air conditioning system. Your air conditioning will work just as much as it normally does whether your ceiling fans are turned on or not. However, if understood and used properly, ceiling fans can be useful aids when used in conjunction with your AC system. They must be strategically utilized in order to get the most out of your ceiling fans.  

What Is the Best Way to Maximize Your Ceiling Fan’s Efficiency? 

Many don’t know that when turning on their ceiling fans to reduce energy consumption, the thermostat’s temperature should also be raised. A good range to raise your temperature is around five degrees. Of course, you may raise it higher than this. But it’s up to you and what comfort level you and your household are okay with. Raising the temperature will enable your AC to rest and not work as hard. And although the temperature in your home may be set higher, it should not prove to be noticeably uncomfortable for you as you will be able to enjoy the soothing effect of the fan. 

In summary, don’t forget to raise your temperature by around 5 degrees when putting your home’s ceiling fans to use. And don’t forget to turn the fans off when you leave the room. Doing these two things will make all the difference if you are aiming to use your ceiling fans to their utmost potential as well as conserving as much energy within your home as possible. 

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