Why Is My Furnace So Loud?

Jan 21, 2020

Even though all models of furnaces aren’t completely without any sound, it can be challenging at times to understand the difference between your unit’s regular, low humming sound and a peculiar sound that indicates a problem. Because of this, a lot of homeowners have a hard time noticing the difference between an unimportant issue from an issue that requires prompt repair.

If you’ve discerned any strange sounds arising from your furnace, whether we discuss it here or not, you should find a professional promptly for furnace repair. Remember, small problems have the plausibility to progress into bigger problems if disregarded.

To help you understand furnace noises, we at Grove City Heating & Air composed the following.

Banging Noises Coming From Your Furnace

When your furnace makes a banging or popping sound, one possible cause could be that the inside has gotten dirty. This dirt can change the combustion of the gas inside, which can trigger a mixture of problems. One of those problems could end up being the cracking of your heat exchanger. Routine maintenance makes certain everything is cleaned inside, and it will aid in stopping this from happening.

Another reason could have to do with your ductwork, which could be swelling and contracting in the cold of winter. In general, sheet metal contracts when temperatures are down, and it swiftly expands when the furnace comes back on returning the heat. This expanding and contracting movement leads to pressure around the seams of the ducts. When this happens, the sheet metal buckles outward, producing the banging noise you are witnessing.

Scraping Noises Coming From Your Furnace

Scraping sounds originating from your furnace probably means that your system has critical problems with its blower wheel. If you identify this sound, you want to shut your furnace off immediately and call a professional. Our contact info is below.

A couple of things that could cause this include:

  • Your blower wheel on your furnace is not working, and it should be repaired by a professional.
  • The blower might have grown loose, and it could be hitting the casing.

Rattling Sounds Originating From Your Furnace

If you notice rattling sounds originating from your heating unit, you don’t need to despair too much. Most of these sorts of problems can be fixed simply.

So if you hear them, we recommend you:

  • Put some duct tape on the loosened ducts or place some screws in them.
  • Insert rubber or cork pads below your system.

Squealing Sounds From Your Furnace

Squealing sounds may symbolize your motor needs repaired, or your blower belt is old, and it’s time for a replacement. On the other hand, it could mean that portions of your motor may require additional lubrication. Although this is not as serious as these other issues, it still needs the attention of a professional.

Whistling Sounds Coming From Your Furnace

Whistling noises are common, and some issues that might be producing them are:

  • The gaps within your ducts are too small. If this causes the noise, you will discover it originates from a tiny hole near the location of where the duct and furnace meet.
  • If your furnace’s air filter is plugged up, it will force the fan to draw air from anywhere it can get it. Determining if this is the case is easy. Simply take out the filter and listen. If the sound stops, it means it’s your air filter. To resolve this, purchase a new air filter and replace the old one.

Scheduling Furnace Repair 

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Our trained technicians will make sure your heating system is repaired on time and within your budget.